STO was founded in 1996 by Stefan Sambleben at the request of the Grand Master Professor JK Yamaue, in order to gather the Taekwondo clubs who want to train the budo part of Taekwondo over the sports part.

Stefan Sambleben began his budo career at an early age, the age of 10 he started boxing, next to it he trained Kyokushin Karate.

At the age of 15 he starts on Taekwondo in Valby, Denmark and trained under Jan-Erik Jorgensen.
Later he met Grand Master Ko Tae Jeong. They share a common interest, which is the budo part of Taekwondo.

In 1996 Stefan Sambleben left his old club and he started Keumgang Taekwondo Club with Jan S√łndergaard Andersen, Kim S. Hansen and Nicolaj Nilson.
After six years Stefan Sambleben agreed with Professor JK Yamaue to form the Scandinavian Taekwondo Organisation (STO), where he wants to gather all the clubs that have interest in training the budo part of Taekwondo.

Stefan Sambleben was in close contact with Professor JK Yamaue since 1988 and till nowadays become acquainted with, besides battle strategy, combat psychology, several kinds of weapons techniques and have also been teaching this to his students.

In 1997 Stefan Sambleben and Kim S. Hansen met Master Beom Jhoo Lee, 8. Dan.

They enter into a partnership with Master BeomJhoo Lee and Taekwondo Academy International.

The Cooperation with Master Beom Lee Jhoo ends up so close, that Master Beom Jhoo Lee joins as Grand Master in STO.

In 2014, Stefan Sambleben got the title of Shihan.

In 2016 Shihan Sambleben retired as president of the STO. The newly promoted Grand Master Nicolaj Nilsson is the new STO president.

The definition of Taekwondo grown in STO named Ji-sig Taekwondo, Ji-sig itself means knowledge.

Ji-sig Taekwondo is not an independent style, because there no redone in the base techniques hanbon kiurigi, sanbon kiurigi, poomsae, and we train the still Taekwondo.

But he has a different perception of what taekwondo also can be, by making a Budo terms superstructure which is Shihan Sambleben's definition of martial art.

In 2016 Grand master Nicolaj Nilsson opens STO up for clubs who do not practise Ji-sig Taekwondo, but still want a budo approach instead of a competition / sports approach

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