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On this page you can find about the organization and see clubs. To get in touch with clubs, contact them directly via their website.

The goal of Scandinavian Taekwondo Organization is to spread awareness of the martial art Ji-sig Taekwondo. As well as bringing clubs together who believe theydont fit into any organization, where sports taekwondo is dominant. The Clubs in STO there not participating in competitions.

The head of the Scandinavian Taekwondo Organization is the President, Grand Master Nicholaj Nilsson, 6.Dan.

The superior organization of Scandinavian Taekwondo Organization is IBU - International Bujutsu University. The founder of Scandinavian Taekwondo Organization, Shihan Stefan Sambleben, 7. Dan. Currently he has the administrative responsibility for all Taekwondo clubs under IBU.

On 19 May 2012, Ji-Sig Taekwondo was defined by Shihan Sambleben consulting Soke Yamaue. They agreed that Shihan Sambleben gradually changed so much in his opinion and training way of Taekwondo, so they have to make a new definition.

Now they can explain what the difference is to trainers and students of Taekwondo under STO. People without background in martial arts will see the word Taekwondo and perceive it as competition sport, STO is redefining this.

All basic techniques are based on Taekwondo. Ji-sig Taekwondo uses it as effective self-defense, and thus will be able to encounter a huge variety of techniques. Ji-sig taekwondo is a full contact martial art, while matches are not defined by time and points.

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