FAQ - About Ji-sig Taekwondo

Questions and answers about Ji-sig Taekwondo

Can anyone learn Ji-sig Taekwondo?

Yes, anyone can learn Ji-sig taekwondo, regardless of age and physical background.

Depending on age, there are courses for children and adults.

Some clubs additional offer courses for children from 5 years of age, where play is the most important element in the training.

As not all clubs offer courses for all ages, please contact your local club for more information.

How do I benefit fromJi-sig Taekwondo?

You will get a good shape, both physically and mentally.

You will become faster and smoother in movement.

You can strengthen your confidence and self-discipline. You have the opportunity to socialize., Ji-sig Taekwondo is an exciting experiences.

Ji-sig Taekwondo has many different elements, e.g. basic technique, battle technique and self-defense.
You certainly find interest in the sport.

Is Ji-sig taekwondo dangerous?

No. The daily training provides greater body-flexibility, strength and speed.

In training injuries are prevented through the trainer and protection equipment, and in relation to other contact sports (football, handball, etc.), there is a smaller risk of injuries in Ji-sig Taekwondo.

How is the training carried out?

How the training is done varies from club to club, but obviously some common denominators:

The training always starts with a good warm up to avoid injuries.

Then different techniques, condition and strength are trained.

Mental training is also part of the training.

Mutual respect is a priority.

Through training you gain a greater physical control in terms of flexibility, strength and speed, but you also gain a balanced mind through discipline and focus on their own performance in sport.

Taekwondo training is a long-term development. It takes about 5 years to train up to black belt

Most commands are conducted in Korean.

What is graduation?

Graduation is a test where you have to show your skills. If you succeed, you gain the next belt.

Between two graduations there are at least four months, and it is a requirement to learn the new pensum, as well as it has been approved by the trainer.

The student is only permitted for the test, if the trainer believes that its student is proficient enough to pass.

The graduation can take place in the club house or at organization level.

A successful graduation is recorded in the STO pass.

How do I get a black belt?

To achieve the black belt required several years of intensive training.

The greatest difference lies in that we do not have anything related to competition in our tests.

How do I register and what does it cost?

Scandinavian Taekwondo Organization has clubs in different parts of the world. In the contact section you can investigate which clubs are located close.

It is relatively cheap to train Ji-sig Taekwondo.

The costs are limited to the suit, which usually lasts several years, to the belts and exams, as well to the club fees.

Some clubs offer welcome packages where you get everything with (suit, emblems, STO pass and sometimes equipment)

Club fee varies from club to club, so you have to contact your local club for more information.

Can I go to the competition?

No, in Ji-sig Taekwondo we have gone back to the roots, from before Taekwondo became an sportdicipline.

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