Grandmaster Nicolaj

Name: Nicolaj Engberg Nilsson
Born: 1975
Title: Grand Master, Præsident i STO
Grade: 6. Dan
Style: Ji sig Taekwondo
Club: Ji-sig Taekwondo Falster
Organization: STO og IBU 


Ji-sig Taekwondo Year Graduated by:
 1. Dan
 2. Dan
 3. Dan
 4. Dan
 5. Dan
 6. Dan
GM Ko, Tai Jeong
Soke J.K. Yamaue
GM Beom Jhoo Lee
GM Beom Jhoo Lee
Soke J.K. Yamaue
Shihan Stefan Sambleben
Hanbo Jutsu Year Graduated:
 1. Dan 2004 Soke J.K. Yamaue

Grand Master Nicolaj started his budo career somewhere else, he started namely with boxing in 1983/84 during Benny Johansen, later, however, he found interest in Taekwondo, it was in 1985 where he started in Tan Gun Taekwondo Club in Valby.

In 1996 leaves Nicolaj his old club, he then starts Keumgang Taekwondo Club along with Shihan Stefan Sambleben, Sabumnim Jan Søndergaard Andersen and Master Kim S. Hansen. Where Stefan Sambleben becoming coach.

After six years is Shihan Stefan agree with Professor JK Yamaue to form a federation which he calls Scandinavian Taekwondo Organization, where he wants to gather all the clubs that have interest in training the Budo-related part of Taekwondo, this interest has Nicolaj also why he follows with Shihan Stefan.

In 1997 meetings Shihan Stefan and Master Kim, Master BeomJhoo Lee, who at that time is 8. Dan. They initiates a partnership with Master BeomJhoo Lee and Taekwondo Academy International Cooperation with Master Beom Lee Jhoo.

In 2005 Nicolaj starts his own club during STO: the Taebaek Taekwondo Club, located in NørreAlslev on Falster (Later on Ji-sig Taekwondo Falster)

In 2007, Grand Master Nicolaj optain 5.Dan and is also included in the "World head of family Sokeship Council" as 1 of only 4 Danes, the other 3 are: Shihan Stefan Sambleben, Master Kim S. Hansen and Master Michael Brandt, all STO

In 2014, Shihan Stefan Samblebengraduates Nicolaj to 6th Dan, and also give him the title of Master, this happens at a cerimoni where only the highest grade in STO participant.

In 2015 puts Nicolaj his club to pause and concentrate fully on the Master deed in STO.

January 11, 2016 Nicolaj gains the title of Grand Master, and treading the same time the post of president of the STO, this is conducted by Shihan Stefan

Grand Master Nicolaj teach therefore not currently students in the club level, it has gone back to old-time way of training, so he has now only 2 students:

Steven 2. Dan
Kyosanim Tomas Espensen, 2nd Dan, who has Ji-sig Taekwondo Stevns.

Thus taught Nicolaj only by Shihan Stefan Sambleben, and teaches only self-2 students in this way ensures that the wisdom that goes on to clubs under the STO is intact, without the thread of Ji-sig Taekwondo disappears.

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